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There are many reasons why your carpet may end up loose. In any case, it's unsightly and potentially dangerous. Learn how to fix this issue in this post by Bakersfield Cleanpro in Bakersfield, CA.

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How to Fix a Loose Carpet

Gather the Supplies You'll Need for the Job

Can you imagine trying to cook a meal without the necessary tools for it? Even if you were to make a simple quesadilla, you would struggle, since you're not properly equipped to carry the process through. Well, it's the same situation with this project: you need supplies to get the job done. Gather these to be ready to begin:
  • knee kicker
  • hammer
  • chisel
  • pneumatic stapler
  • carpet cutter
Aside from these tools (which can be hard to get), you will need protective gear that will allow you to do the job safely. For example, a pair of working gloves should be on your hands.

Seek for the Tackless Under the Carpet

Okay, so now you're ready to begin the restoration project. One important thing to consider before you do, however, is that this whole situation may be taking place because of the tackless underneath your carpeted floors. In case you're unfamiliar with it, it is a wooden piece that has nails sticking out of one side of it. Its whole purpose is to attach the fabric of the carpet to the floor. Still, as you can probably guess, it sometimes fails at its job. To find it, you just need to pull the loose piece of carpet back. It should go without saying that you should be very careful when you're handling it.

Hammer the Tackless Down in a New Spot

From the step above, you learned that the tackless is the one to blame in this whole situation, since it failed at having a firm grip on the floor and keeping the carpeting correctly attached to it. To correct it, however, you will need to hammer the tackless down in a new spot. Simply, move it a little bit to the side (an half an inch away from its original resting place), and hammer the nails down on the floor (ensure they have a secure grip on the floor there). You should be creating new holes on the floor to guarantee that the tackless won't continue slipping.

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Work With the Knee Kicker to Extend the Carpet

You've probably noticed that your carpet is not as tight as it used to be (especially if you've had it for a long time). This isn't only unsightly, but it can also be dangerous, as people can trip and fall over it. The solution to this is to use a knee kicker to extend the fabric of the carpet. The way to do that is to work with the knee kicker from one end of the carpet, towards the loose end. Be careful, though: while you do want the carpet to be tight, making it too tight can be counterproductive.

Cover the Tackless and Staple the Carpet

Slowly, but surely, we're making your carpeted floors look good as new once more. The next step in this endeavor is to cover the tackless and staple the carpet to the ground. For the first part, you should employ a chisel and hammer.  With the help of these, you will be able to guarantee the tacks grab on to the carpeting firmly. Then, it will be time to use your pneumatic stapler to set the carpet into place. Be as safe as possible when handling these tools.

Get Rid of the Excess Carpet

You're almost at the finish line of this restoration project. All you have to do now is get rid of the excess carpet that remained left over after you stapled it to the ground (if there was any, of course). Once again, this extra fabric can make your whole house look disheveled and it can become a hazard for your family members. To cut it off, you will have to make use of your carpet cutters. Try your best to cut along the limit precisely. If you go too overboard, you're gonna be left with a bald carpet.

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