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Having mud stain your precious carpeted floors can be incredibly disheartening. For help on how to clean it off, read this post that Bakersfield Cleanpro has prepared for you. 

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How to Clean Mud Off Your Carpeting

Stop a Disaster Before It Happens

Do you want to keep your carpeted floors in mint condition? No amount of cleaning will be as effective as preventing that they get dirty in the first place. For that reason, you should create a 'no shoes inside' rule for your home and enforce it with your family members and guests. Especially during the summer months, where people tend to spend more time outside, the risk of mud tracking can be greater, so avoid it.

Remove the Excess Mud Carefully

If the disaster has already taken place, the first thing you should do is remove the excess mud quickly to keep it from settling and hardening on your flooring, damaging its fibers. To do this effectively, it's recommended that you work with a spoon to scrape most of it out. Something very important to keep in mind, however, is that you should work from the outside of the stain inwards. This will keep the stained area from extend further. Moreover, avoid rubbing, as this will only make the mud sink deeper into your flooring.

Wait for the Mud to Dry Thoroughly

This next step is easy, but it can be a little bit distressing if you're a clean freak. Basically, you just need to wait for the mud to dry thoroughly. As you're aware, mud is just wet dirt. Allowing it to return to its original form will make it easier for you to clean it off. If you want to move this process along, first you need to close the affected area off. You can also turn on the AC and fans, as well as open doors and windows to help air run through the room.

Vacuum the Leftover Mud Away

So, now that the mud has dried thoroughly, it's gone back to being simple dirt. If you have carpeted floors, you probably have a lot of experience removing dirt from your flooring: you just need to vacuum it away. To do a thorough job at vacuuming the leftover mud away, you'll have to vacuum the spot slowly and in different directions, to pick up as much of it as you can. Don't forget to use the right nozzle for the job.

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Blot the Residues Off

After you've vacuumed the dirt away, you'll probably be able to see a a mud stain left behind. Before you totally freak out and start thinking about how much money it will cost to replace your carpets, know it can be blotted off. To do that, you need to grab a clean piece of cloth and spill just a bit of water on the stain. Then, you will have to pat the area repeatedly to get as much of the stain off. Go at it until you clean it completely (or most of it). Whatever you do, however, do not rub the area!

Allow the Carpet to Dry

The last tip in this tutorial is to let the carpet dry fully after you've tried to blot the mud stain off with a bit of water. Letting it dry before using the previously affected area again, will ensure that it stays as pristine as always. This step is also incredibly important because it will help you prevent carpet mold growth. If you used a lot of moisture to clean the mud stain off, you will need to use a towel to absorb some of the excess moistures off the carpeted floors. Once again, you're also suggested to use your windows, doors, AC system and fans to accelerate the drying process.

Call a Professional Company

Last but not least, if after going through the steps mentioned above, you can still see a shadow of the mud stain lurking on your carpeted floors, you will need to call a professional company. They will be able to make your floors flawless and sanitary once more in no-time.

If you have a stained carpet, don't panic! Call Bakersfield Cleanpro at (661) 622-2266. They can provide professional green, safe, and effective carpet cleaning in Bakersfield, CA.

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