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Mold is a fungus that could make its way into your home, damage your things and ruin your family's health. Learn where you can find it with this post by Bakersfield Cleanpro in Bakersfield, CA.

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Where to Find Mold in Your Home

The Fungus Can Appear Your Window Sills

To learn where you can find mold in your home, you first need to understand how mold works. Mold is a fungus that thrives on humidity, meaning that it can come up anywhere that has high moisture levels and poor ventilation (especially if said space isn't clean, as mold is found in common dust). One of such places (and one you may forget about) is the window sills. Mold can appear in this spot because when there's a big difference in the temperatures inside and outside of the house, condensation may occur (which is basically just water appearing on your window panes). To prevent mold here, you need to wipe the windows down and keep them clean.

Mold Can Spread on Walls and Wallpaper

Another spot where you may forget to look for signs of mold development at home is on your walls. Nonetheless, it's probable that mold will appear there if the conditions are the right ones. Mainly, if you have a plumbing system that passes through the walls, it may be that mold will begin to grow on your walls and behind the wallpaper. This is because, if the plumbing system isn't serviced with regularity, it may start to leak. This, of course, will create a favorable environment for the mold to thrive in. That's why you should check your plumbing system with regularity, as well as fix any leaks or cracks you find on your walls, and on the rest of your house.

It May Grow on Your Carpeted Floors

If you have carpeting in your floors at home, then you're aware of how much they can do for you. For one, they can keep your house warm in the frigid winter days. Likewise, it can add style and an extra element to your home's decor. Still, if you allow them to be wet or if you let them go dirty for a long time, you can bet you'll find mold on them sooner or later. For that reason, you should, firstly, clean your floors every week. It's even recommended that you hire a professional company once a year to strip it of any damaging agents (like mold). Likewise, whenever your carpeting gets wet, ventilate it properly so it can dry thoroughly.

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Mold Can Develop on Your Basement and Attic

As mentioned a few times over, poor ventilation and high humidity, attract mold like crazy. If you think about places in your home that check both of those boxes, the attic and basement may be some of the first to come to mind. To eliminate the presence of mold there, make an effort to keep them squeaky clean, avoid cluttering them up, ventilate them properly, and fix leaks.

The Fungus May Develop on the Shower Curtains

Another of the most vulnerable rooms in your house is the bathroom, as it has the shower, sink and toilet. Moreover, there can be clogged drains and leaky pipes in the bathroom. An area that's specifically prone to mold growth is the shower curtain, since it's often left wet and folded up, which elevates the moisture levels in it. To eliminate the possibility of mold developing there, you need to dry it down after each shower, extend it, and help it stay as ventilated as possible.

It Can Infest the Fridge's Drip Pans

Lastly, the refrigerator is another spot where you can find mold. For instance, if you allow your food to go bad (especially fruits, vegetables and meats), you can expect moldy spots to turn up sooner or later. Still, the place that's most at risk in your fridge may surprise you, as you may forget it even exists: the drip pans. Still, as it catches drips, it means that it's constantly wet and prone to mold growth. Inspect it and clean it often to avoid a problematic mold infestation in the place where you keep your food!

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