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Everything has a life expectancy, your carpets included. If you feel your floors are reaching their end, this post by Bakersfield Cleanpro in Bakersfield, CA will tell you if a replacement is due.

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How to Tell if Your Carpeted Floors Need to Be Replaced

You Can Smell It From a Mile Away

Your carpet is stepped on on a regular basis. You also spill stuff on it and it collects dust every single day. Adding insult to injury, your carpeting's fibers also love collecting and harboring the scents that roam your household. That's why, it should come as no surprise if your carpeting stinks. While a lot of times you can keep this from becoming a problem by simply cleaning your carpeting regularly (vacuuming it every week and having a professional team clean it once a year), there will come a time in which this won't be successful. If that time has come for your flooring and it stinks no matter how much you clean it, you need to change it.

It's Dying of Old Age

Everything in life has a life expectancy. Your carpets are no exception. It's likely that when you first got it installed in your home, you loved how pretty, colorful, soft, firm, and more, it was. Still, as time has passed and you've used it more and more, you can probably notice the complete opposite in it: its ugly, dull, rough, lumpy, and more. If that's the case, then you should know that it's likely that no amount of professional cleaning and maintenance will be able to get it back to life. If you were diligent with your carpeting's care, you probably had it for a long time. Even so, the time has come to replace it.

There Are Stains Lurking Around

Every carpet in the world has had a stain at some point. It's completely normal, since carpets have to endure a lot of mistreatment (dirty shoes, spills, and more). Nonetheless, if you attack the stain at the right time and with the proper cleaning method, you should be able to get it off easily (even those incredibly difficult stains - like those from red wine and mustard). However, if you notice that there are some stains that continue to lurk around, no matter how much you try to remove them, your carpeted floors may be ready to be replaced.

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The Padding is Giving In

When you think about your carpeted floors, you probably mostly focus on its outside layer: the one you can see and feel on a daily basis. Something to consider however, is that your carpeting has an inner layer called 'padding'. This one is incredibly important, since it's the one responsible for giving your flooring the cushiness and softness that you love from it. Unfortunately, the padding can also endure some damage. It can become lumpy and uneven, which will look bad and can become a serious tripping hazard. If you notice these changes in your carpeting's padding, as much as it may hurt you, you need to get your floors changed as soon as possible.

Allergies are Flaring Up Like Crazy

For all of the things you love about your floors, one thing you definitely don't is its ability to gather dust. Dust can easily accumulate on its fibers and stay there. If you aren't very diligent with your carpeted floor's vacuuming sessions, then you can expect the allergies in your family members to flare up. Moreover, if you aren't very diligent with your carpeted floor's vacuuming sessions, the dust will reach the inner layers of it, making it more difficult/impossible to get rid of. If your carpet has gotten to this point, say 'good-bye' to it.

It's Time to Get It Changed

Lastly, you should understand that your floors have a set life expectancy, meaning that at one point they will 'expire'. If you do a great job at maintaining it, you can expect your carpeted floors to be with you for around 15 years. Still, once that time has passed, it's possible that your floors will have some definite signs of aging. If you want to keep your home in mint condition, you will need to replace it.

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