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Following the 'no shoes inside' rule in your household can be a great idea. If you'd like to know why that is and how you can instill it, read this post by Bakersfield Cleanpro in Bakersfield CA.

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Why You Shouldn't Allow Shoes Inside Your Home and What You Can Do About It

Why You Should Try the "No Shoes" Policy in Your Home

First and foremost, let's go through some of the many reasons why wearing shoes inside your carpeted home is not the best idea. For starters, think about your daily life. Chances are you step out of your home and go to several places before returning to it. And, unless you want to your carpets to keep a souvenir of everywhere you went during the day, you should be taking your shoes off before stepping on your flooring. As you know, the soles of your shoes can pick up stuff from everywhere you step on:  from dust, filth, to germs, fecal matter, and a lot of other disgusting things. Upon stepping on your carpeting, you deposit some of this repugnant elements on it. This is not only nasty, but it can have repercussions in your family's health. For one, they can get sick from inhaling and being in contact with the germs that will be breeding in your floors. Not only that, but if there are any allergy sufferers in your home, they can end up having reactions more frequently because of the allergens on the carpeting If you aren't fazed by that, then think about the fact that wearing shoes inside your home can be very detrimental to your carpeting. All of the gunk on your shoes will stain them, make them dirty, roughen them up, and crush them mercilessly. This can reduce their lifespan significantly and hit your wallet hard. Lastly, you may want to take your shoes off at the end of the day to do your feet a favor. They've been confined for a long time, so let them rest, breathe, and be free. To sum up, there's no real reason why you should be keeping your shoes when you're inside. The only thing you accomplish from it is making your carpeted floors unsanitary, ugly, and making your family sick.

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How You Can Go About Instilling the Rule

It's possible that after you realized all of the consequences that could befall you from keeping your shoes on while you're inside your home, you never want to wear shoes again. However, all will be good if you simply instill a 'no shoes inside' rule in your household. The tricky part about it is getting your family members and guests to go along with it. For your family members or those who live with you, it will be easier to convince them. Most of the time, if you simply explain the reasons mentioned above, they'll likely follow along with the request. Still, giving a lecture to your guests each time they walk into your home isn't as easy. For them, you can simply ask politely to take their shoes off. Another approach could be to put a funny sign near the door that lets them know that shoes aren't welcome inside. In any case, it is a good idea to designate a spot next to the entryway where visitors and family alike can put their dirty shoes while they're inside. A shoe rack or a closet could work to that end. Providing this option will help keep the shoes organized and out of the way. You should also look into the possibility of giving your guests some inside footwear, such as nice socks or a pair of slippers. Not everybody feels comfortable walking around barefoot in a home that isn't theirs. Others may be wearing embarrassing socks or may have unkempt feet. Whatever the situation, inside footwear will help them out. If you, your family members, and your guests follow the 'no shoes inside' rule, you can bet you'll see some changes. For instance, your carpets will remain clean and flawless for longer, your family will get sick less often, and you may even feel more comfortable walking around your home.

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