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Guests can come to your home when you least expect it. If your home is dirty, but want to clean it quickly before their arrival, follow this guide by Bakersfield Cleanpro in Bakersfield, CA.

How to Clean Your Home Fast

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Pick Misplaced Stuff Up

Probably one of the biggest signs that a place is disheveled is if it has items where they don't belong (toys on the floor, plates in the living room, etc.). To pick them up quickly, take a basket, a box, or a bag, and go through each room grabbing those misplaced things. Needless to say, if you have trash in your rooms, put it in the garbage can as you're cleaning the rooms.

Clean Obvious Dust

Dust is made of particles that love to coat every single surface in your home and that have the power of being the telltale sign that you haven't been putting much attention to how clean your home is. Unfortunately, dust is very noticeable. So, to fool your unexpected guests, you need to wipe away the dust that's most visible and the most likely to catch their gaze.

Take Care of the Details

You may think that with simply taking care of the bigger items in your home, that you can make it look a lot cleaner than it is. However, while it is important that you do, you should also be aware of the difference that going through the details can make. A simple, easy-to-fix issue (such as flattened pillows) can completely change your home, so be sure to take care of them, too.

Make It Smell Good

When a house smells bad it is instantly noticeable by its guests. Sadly, the actual residents of the place may experience nose blindness, which makes it impossible for them to identify the fetid odors it emits. To save you the embarrassment just in case your house stinks, you should try to make your place smell good. To that end, spray air fresheners all around. Just try not to overdo it, as a place that smells too much of air freshener can also be overwhelming.

Vacuum Your Carpeted Floors

Your carpeted floors can provide warmth, softness, texture, and design to your home. If you keep them clean, that is. If you don't, they can make your whole place seem dirty, even if that isn't the case. That's why if you're having people over at the very last minute, you should take a moment to vacuum your carpeted floors. Doing so can improve how your place looks immensely.

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Tidy the Kitchen

Many times, reunions revolve around food and eating. This means that it's more than likely that your guests will end up stepping into your kitchen. Still, if it's full of dirty dishes, trash, and leftovers, they'll probably want to step out of there immediately. To keep your kitchen from embarrassing you, wash the dishes, take out the garbage, and wipe down your counters.

Go Over the Bathroom

Having a dirty bathroom can be very problematic. Not to mention, incredibly disgusting. To keep your guests safe, comfortable, and healthy, you need to go over the bathroom and clean it before their arrival. It's imperative that you use disinfectant on the toilet bowl and seat. Other than that, be sure to wipe down the mirrors, the sink, the counter, and other surfaces.

Restrict Certain Areas

Your guests don't need to go into every room in your home (unless they do for some reasons). That's why, instead of wasting time cleaning those off-limits rooms up, you should simply restrict them to the public. For example, it's likely that your guests won't have any business going into your bedroom. This means you can shut the door and lock it up, to keep your messy bedroom out of sight.


As a last tip, try your best to stay calm. All of the running around trying to get your home cleaned may make you anxious and exhausted. Yes, having your home presentable is important. Nonetheless, the holiday season is to be enjoyed with your loved ones. Focus on making the most of the time you have together, even if your place isn't in its best condition.

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