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To some people, having a white or light-colored carpet can seem like a nightmare. However, in this post by Bakersfield Cleanpro in Bakersfield, CA, you'll learn just a few of the benefits of having white carpeting. 

Quick! What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a white carpet? Probably, it's how messy it will get after stepping on it for some time. And it's true: the light color of the floor makes any little spot all the more noticeable. Not to mention, that you step and drop things on your floor, which greatly increases the chances of it getting dirty (more so if you have pets and kids at home). Even with that considered, you shouldn't shy away from having white carpeted floors. As you're about to learn, installing white carpeting in your home can bring some benefits with it.

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Why Choose Light Colors For Your Carpets

You Want an Elegant Aesthetic

Let's clear something up: white can be an expensive color, because it is so high-maintenance. For that reason, white pieces can seem so expensive, luxurious, and elegant. That's why, if you want your home to have that luxurious look and feel, you should opt for having white carpets installed. As stated, however, you need to keep your floors completely flawless and spotless. Even the tiniest spot can ruin the look of your home in its entirety, so do a good job at caring and maintaining the carpeting.

It Goes With Everything

White is thought of as a neutral color, since it doesn't have any discernible hues or undertones that could skew it in either direction of the color wheel. This is great news, since it means it goes with absolutely everything. It will be able to fit any aesthetic that you could possibly want for your home. From a minimalist look, to a retro vibe, or an eccentric aesthetic, your white carpeted floors will go with any decor, palette, and style that you may want for your home.

It Can Bring Peace to Your Home

You're surely aware of how colors can affect your mood and the way you behave. This is why certain colors are employed in specific contents to make people feel a specific way. For example, bright red can convey a sense of urgency and can put you on high alert, which is why it's used in 'Stop' signs. If you have white carpeted floors, you may experience more calm and peace, since white is often associated with tranquility (just picture how heaven is depicted in pop culture). Keep in mind, that to remain peaceful and at ease in your home, you will have to maintain your floors. This is because a stain on your floors can prove to be very stressful, which will break the spell completely.

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It Can Make Your Home Look Bigger

If you've ever put on a black t-shirt during a very sunny day, you know that dark colors can absorb heat and light. To the contrary, light colors actually help light bounce back, which keeps things bright and airy. You can use this to your advantage in your own home. Using light colors on your floors will actually make your place seem brighter and bigger. A white carpet will eliminate dark corners and shadows that could reduce your perception of your space.

It Keeps You on Your Cleaning Schedule

Finally, you should see your white carpeting as a reminder that you need to keep up with your whole house's cleanliness. As mentioned a few times over, white carpets can get dirty easily. That's why, it's necessary that you keep better track of its cleanliness. While dark carpets can be more forgiving, you need to clean your floors on a regular basis to ensure they're flawless. Some may view this as a constant pain, but you can see the positive side of things. In the end, having to maintain your floors will make you more aware of your home's cleaning schedule. In the end, you'll have a better maintained and more sanitary home.

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